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Automatic Laser Welding Machine (nova production equirment)

Published by admin 2022-01-10

Laser Welding Machine

Introduction of Laser Welding

Laser welding, as known as laser beam welding, is a kind of welding technique that are widely used in industries because of its accuracy, efficiency, and low cost.

Same as other welding techniques, it is also a technique that used to join two materials like metals and thermoplastics together. However, others complete the work mainly by currents and pressure while laser welding technique depends on laser beam.

Through the laser beam, the heat would be provided continually that can do narrow, deep welds and keep high welding rates. Laser beam welding is based on keyhole or penetration mode welding.

Laser welding has the properties of high power density, small heat-affected zones, and high heating and cooling rates. That means, with this welding technique, the spot welding can be as small as possible (no bigger than 1.3 mm) and use as less as possible power to produce the largest energy to weld. Moreover, it can be cooled down quickly once the beam leaves the surface of the welded materials.

This welding technique is highly used in automotive and automobile industries and other industries requiring accurate welding.

Introduction of Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding machine, as known as laser welder, or laser welding system, is the welding machine applying laser welding technique.

Nowadays, laser welding can be recognized the most commonly used technique because it works accurately and cost less.

By the beam with high energy, the welding machine works by laser beam can create fine and deep seams on the workpiece that can help the next progression to be done better. In other words, laser welder can do welding works accurately. Due to this property, laser beam welding technique is used in many industries.

Comparing with welding machines that work by other welding techniques, welding machine works by laser beam have the properties of simpler operation system (mostly automatically controlled by computer), more beautiful and smaller weld seam, and faster welding speed. Moreover, it contains no consumable elements so that it can help cost down the producing costs.

Mostly, this kind of welding machines is used to weld metal sheets, plates, or tubes together, such as stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates, CS plates, aluminum plates, or brass plates, etc.

Types of Laser Welding Machine

The category of this type of welding machine can be various since each company might develop their own mode as a new type of laser welding machine.

Briefly, this kind of welding machine can be developed as these two types:

● Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Handheld fiber laser welding machine is also called handheld fiber laser welder, portable fiber laser welding machine, manual fiber laser welding machine.

This manual welding machine is a new type of welding machine that provides continuous high power and high energy laser beam to weld.

When working with this machine, the high-energy laser beam would be linked with an optical fiber and be collimated into parallel light through a collimating lens.

This progress can be recognized as a long-distance transmission. However, through the specially designed welding head, the laser beam would be focused on the workpiece and done the works pretty well.

Moreover, this kind of welding machine contains more mobility since it is designed as a handheld style. Beside working inside the working places indoors or some specific spots, this kind of welding machine can be used outdoors and be carried around anywhere.

● Automatic Laser Welding Machine
Although laser welding can be completed by hand, mostly, it would tend to be completed by automatic systems rather than by hand.

The automatic laser welding machines use a system of computer aided manufacturing based on computer aided designs.

This is commonly used because it is easy to control that the technicians just need to put all the orders in the computer, then the computer would “print” the outcome with the welding machine.

Divided by the delivery method these machines use, they can be categorized into traditional type and remote type.

When applying the traditional type, the laser output is moved by a robotic arm to follow the seam. This type is also accurate and have been used for years.

However, comparing with the remote type, it sometimes is considered not fast or even precision enough. Thus, industries using laser welding now tend to use the remote types.

On the other hand, the remote type, the most commonly used laser welding technique nowadays, would move laser beam along the seam with the help of a laser scanner, which means the laser beam is moved following the direction of computers.

Through the aid of computer systems, the modern type laser welding provides higher speed and higher precision of the welding process than the traditional type does. Therefore, it meets the needs of most industries and gradually replaces the traditional type welding technique.